The Flame Collection

The Flame Collection
Do you want to be, do or have more? More happiness, more love, more freedom.
No I don't have a magic wand that I can wave and make everyone's life wonderful, (it would be amazing if I could), but I do want to take you on a little journey.
If you have followed me on social media you will know that I have a large magically themed fire pit in my garden. This fire pit has fairies,  wolves, trees and even a unicorn. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting with my husband on a cool Autumn evening, sipping something comforting, chatting about our day, watching the flames flickering in the fire pit. It was here, immersed in the magic of my fire pit, that my mind starting thinking about my new jewellery collection...
A phoenix is a mythological bird said to have lived in the Arabian desert. She, (and I do think a phoenix must be a female), was said to live for 5 to 6 centuries before burning herself on a funeral pyre. She then rose, dramatically from the ashes with renewed youth to live again for another 5 or 600 years.
A phoenix rising from the ashes symbolises that you have gone through some difficult times, but you have not only survived but thrived and  are moving on to a higher level.
I believe that life occurs in cycles. I can look back on my life so far and see that there were times that were absolutely wonderful, times that were 'normal' not always amazing , but not bad either and there were times that were challenging.
There have also been a couple of really difficult periods when I felt  totally powerless to change my circumstances or those of people around me . I was drowning in pain, fear and hurt with no end in sight.
As at some point in everyones life, you are likely to experience challenging times. It may be the loss of a loved one, the collapse of a business, the betrayal of a lover or friend, or just the loss of meaning in your life. I find it totally empowering to know that no matter how terrible your circumstances are, your mind has the inherent power to enable not only your survival but your ability to thrive after adversity. Like the phoenix you have the power to rise from the ashes and live your best life.
I wanted to take the meaning infused in my design to another level so I dug deeper. In nature you get Fire Whirls, flames that spiral round like cork screws. These Fire Whirls burn faster and hotter than normal fires. A yellow/orange flame indicates that there is insufficient oxygen to burn the fuel efficiently, so soot and impurities are released into the atmosphere. BUT, if there is sufficient oxygen the fire whirl burns brighter, hotter and faster with a blue flame. This is the energy  I wanted in my new flame collection.
My desire for you is that when you rise from the ashes  as the powerful , resilient woman you are, you do so quickly with great integrity and strength. Shine brightly as you move forward in the next stage of your life.
I believe the most wonderful opportunities can come from adversity. From my own experience I know that all life's challenges have made me who I am. My challenges have taught me the  ability to pivot, to change perspective (sometimes), to be resilient and persistent. These are all great strengths that enable us to rise from the ashes, to be the  best version of ourselves.
I created the Flame collection as a symbol of strength. A symbol of resilience. A symbol of empowerment.
To survive is simply not good enough.
It is time to soar like the Phoenix.