My Story

"Follow your passions with integrity.

Enjoy the company of friends and family often.

Do something you love everyday."

- Karen Faulkner-Dunkley

For as long as I can remember, I have loved and worn jewellery. I have always been very choosy about the styles and types of jewellery I would wear.

As a young adult, my passion for the perfect pieces of jewellery for me saw me travelling to craft fairs and designer shows in the search for something just right. I rarely found what I wanted. In 1999, whilst I was a teacher of biology, I attended a local jewellery making evening class with the intention of making the collections that I really wanted to wear.

That was the start of everything you will see on this site. My love affair with jewellery blossomed and I was inspired by that first evening to enroll on short specialist courses and I started to read books...lots and lots of books! I started to make and sell my jewellery on a part time basis, whilst still teaching. In 2002, I made two moves: I moved with my husband, two young children and labrador dog to the Cambridgeshire countryside whilst at the same time moving out of teaching and into making and selling my jewellery full time.

From those beginnings, I'm proud to say that that I continue to personally design all the collections in the KFD Jewellery range, and they are all hand crafted in my Cambridgeshire workshop. For the past 20 plus years I've pursued my dream and passion of creating beautiful and elegant handcrafted jewellery that ladies love.

My wish is that every piece of jewellery I've created helps you feel unique, sophisticated and stylish whenever you wear it. 
My more recent collections are infused with meaning as well as looking beautiful. Jewellery that resonates with you is more likely to be jewellery that feels authentically you.

Designed with Passion. Given with Love. Worn with style.