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How to measure your ring size

Ring sizes vary around the world. In the UK and Australia an alphabetical system is used, whereas in other parts of the world numerical systems are the norm. If you already have a ring that fits you perfectly you can determine your UK ring size by measuring the internal diameter of your ring in millimeters and then refer to the ring size table to find your ring size. 

Alternatively you can print out a copy of the Ring size chart and place your ring over the various sizes to see which is the perfect match. If you do not have a perfectly fitting ring already then you can accurately cut out the blue circles closest to your finger size, using the holes left behind to ‘try on' to determine your ring size. 

Its as easy as two simple steps.


1. Determine your UK ring size

Don't know what ring size you are? Download my internal diameter measurement guides.

2. Refer to the ring size table

Find your perfect ring size in no time.
Download my ring size chart to see what ring size is best for you. 



Wrist and pendant sizes.

Helping you choose jewellery to suit your size.




Wrist Sizes

Small:  6.0" - 6.5" (153mm - 165mm)
Medium:  6.5" - 7.0" (165mm - 178mm)
Large:  7.0" - 7.5" (178mm - 190mm)


Pendant Sizes

16 inch chain: (406.4 mm)
18 inch chain: (457.2 mm)
20 inch chain: (508.0 mm)

Torque Sizes

Size S measures 16 inches (406mm) from end to end and will fit a lady of UK size 8-12.
Size M measures 17 inches (432mm) from end to end and will fit UK sizes 12-16.
Size L measures 18 inches (457mm) from end to end and will fit a lady of UK size 16-20.