Balance Collection - KFDJewellery

Balance Collection

The Balance Collection was inspired by my yoga practice. Each piece is beautifully created completely by hand in sterling silver. The smooth, tactile teardrop is designed to be touched and rotated.

Single Lily Bangle - KFDJewelleryL03S


A selection of bangles from across the collections. Sterling silver or sterling silver with 9ct or 18ct gold, or gold vermeil.
Be-Leaf Collection - KFDJewellery

Be-Leaf Collection

The Be-Leaf collection in sterling silver is elegant and timeless. The beautiful, matt leaves are hinged together so that they articulate to lie smoothly and flatteringly over the skin.





Blu Feather Spirit Collection - KFDJewellery

Blu Feather Spirit Collection

A beautiful collection of sterling silver feather jewellery infused with significance and meaning.
Books - KFDJewellery


Love jewellery?

Baffled by what to chose to make you look your best? Check out this book for the solutions.

Primrose Bracelet - KFDJewelleryP02


 A selection of bracelets in sterling silver from across all collections.

Classic Leaf - KFDJewellery

Classic Leaf

A stunning collection of sterling silver jewellery. Also available with 24ct gold vermeil or 9ct gold.

Wear Classic Leaf  if you want to look and feel elegant, stylish and sophisticated.

Cleaning Products - KFDJewellery

Cleaning Products

Silver cloths to keep your jewellery in peak condition.
Cocktail rings - KFDJewellery

Cocktail rings

Statement, fun, stylish rings, handmade in sterling silver & gold with precious and semi-precious stones. Stand out from the crowd with these unique, one-of-a-kind cocktail rings.

Constellations - KFDJewellery


A stunning collection of one-of-a-kind jewellery in sterling silver, 18ct gold and gemstones. Each piece is handmade.

Exotic Orchid Cufflinks - KFDJewelleryEO11


 A selection of cufflinks for men or woman from select collections. All sterling silver.

Small Lily Drop Earrings - KFDJewelleryL010

Drop Earrings

 A beautiful selection of drop earrings for pierced ears. In sterling silver, 9ct or 18ct gold. Maybe set with stones.

Exotic Orchid - KFDJewellery

Exotic Orchid

A beautiful sterling silver collection inspired by the beautiful Cymbidium Orchid.

If you love exotic flowers, like dramatic jewellery and want to feel like a star this is the range for you.

Flame sterling silver bangle

Flame Collection

A stunning, sterling silver pendant inspired by the mythological Phoenix rising from the ashes. The collection is infused with meaning and significance. 

Silver hoops with 9ct gold hearts - KFDJewellery

Hoop earrings

A lovely selection of sterling silver hoop earrings.
Silver and gold vermeil stud earrings


A fabulous collection of sterling silver jewellery with 24ct gold vermeil or 9ct gold options. 

Jewellery Making Courses - KFDJewellery

Jewellery Making Courses

Experience the delights of jewellery making in a professional workshop. Develop your skills under my  supervision. I have worked in the jewellery industry for 24 years,  a qualified teacher and trainer with 30+ years teaching experience.

Courses are available with 1-2-1 or small group tuition.

Book a course today.  Call to discuss your project ideas.

Primrose Small Stud Earrings - KFDJewelleryP08

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