Do I wear silver or gold?

Most people know that there are colours that when worn make them look and feel fabulous, whereas other colours wash them out and make them look tired or unwell. The trick is to carefully consider your skin tone, hair and eye colours to determine if you have a ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ colour palette. Generally, if you have warm colourings you will suit gold, bronze and copper coloured metals. If you have cool colourings you will usually suit silver and pewter coloured metals.

How do I know if I suit silver or gold best?

There is a whole industry based around finding your perfect colour palette, but one easy way to decide whether you are better with silver or gold is this simple colour test. Find yourself a gold piece scarf or piece of fabric and a silver scarf or piece of fabric. Wear no make-up and draw your hair away from your face. Sit yourself in front of a mirror (or a group of willing friends) and drape the gold scarf across your shoulders under your chin. How do you look? Do you look bright and vibrant? Does silver enhance your appearance? If yes, then your have a cool palette and are better suited to silver. If the silver drains your face, making you look washed out it is likely that you have a warm palette and need to wear warm coloured metals. Repeat the process with the gold scarf. Does the gold enhance your looks or make you look a little sallow in complexion? If you are looking good then you have a warm palette and suit warm metals such as gold, copper and bronze. If the gold makes you look a little unwell then you are likely to suit cool colours and cool metals like silver and pewter.



Observe Danielle draped in the silver cloth. Look how drained and tired she looks. Now look at Danielle draped in the gold cloth, see how she looks so much healthier and vibrant. With Danielle’s fabulous red hair she looks even better in the copper cloth. Danielle clearly has warm colourings and suits gold, copper and bronze.


Draped in the silver cloth, Sarah looks bright and vibrant. The gold cloth reflects on her skin to make it look sallow. Sarah clearly has cool undertones and suits cool metals such as silver and gold.

However, what if you know that you should wear gold, but prefer silver or you should wear silver but like gold? What if you like to wear both silver and gold? There are ways around the basic rules to allow for personal choice and preferences. For example I have a warm complexion and should only wear gold, but I like silver jewellery and within my KFD Jewellery brand make beautiful collections of sterling silver jewellery. What I do is wear silver pieces which also have 9ct or 18ct gold. Thus bending the rules, enabling me to look good and not conflict with my natural colour palette. I choose to wear the Classic Leaf torque with silver and 9ct gold leaves, pieces from the Eternity Collection as well as the new Champagne Collection all of which are a mixture of silver and gold.

Another way to bend the rules is to select jewellery pieces with coloured pearls, stones or beads which are within your colour palette. For example the Large Lily pendant