The Inspiration behind the Blue Feather Spirit Collection




Have you ever felt like you wanted your jewellery to represent who you are? A sign of your strength, your flexibility, your integrity. A symbol of your principles and good values. A token that shows that no matter what pain, trauma or hardship you are confronted by you have it within you to self heal. The feather can represent all these qualities.

Strength : a feather has a  central shaft which provided a strong core and integral strength.

Purpose: the main purpose of a feather is very specific. Feather allow birds to fly, to soar high in the sky, free to travel wherever their hearts desire.

Flexible: although inherently strong a feather is flexible. It can give and bend as the environment demands.

Self repair: The feathery barbs stick together to maintain the integrity of the feather. Should the barbs pull apart it is possible to smooth the feather back together again.

The significance of a feather is very personal. It is unique to you.

You may have great inner or physical strength with mental fortitude and persistence.

The flexibility of the feather maybe the characteristic that resonates with you. You are kind and warm. You can bend and be light of heart, not too rigid or unforgiving.

Flight maybe the metaphor that relates to you signifying you are ready to soar free and achieve your  wildest dreams. 

Trauma, grief and pain visit us all at some point in our lives. Perhaps it is the feather self healing properties that resonates with you now. 

Why Blu Feather Spirit?

A blue feather is rare in nature, reminding you that you are special with unique gifts to bring to the world. Blue is the colour of the throat chakra signifying communication and speaking your truth.

Why spirit? To remind you to live in the 'spirit' of the blue feather.

  • To be strong with purpose

  • To have good values and principles

  • To bend and show love and kindness

  • To know you are special and unique

  • To share your gifts with the world

Pendant and earrings are the first in the Blu Feather Spirit range. Available in sterling silver, 24ct gold vermeil and oxidised silver. Which feather speaks to you? 

I wrote a poem about this collection which summarises what this collection means to me.


“Let me be like a feather,

Strong with purpose,

Good principles & values,

Flexible & forgiving,

Never rigid & unfeeling.

Should I ever stray from my path,

Know that I can self heal

And find my way once more.”