Does this look good on me?

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Love jewellery?

Baffled by what to chose to make you look your best?

Want to select something outstanding for a special occasion?

This sumptuous book provides you with the invaluable, step-by-step guidance as to how to choose exactly the right jewellery for you, whether you're on the beach or going somewhere grand. Showcasing fabulously crafted pieces by some of the UK's finest jewellery designers, Does this look good on me? helps you select exactly the item to match your looks, your personality and your budget.

  • Colour test to discover whether you are a gold person or a silver person

  • FInd out which earrings suit your face shape

  • Discover what jewellery matches your personality

  • Pick up tips about the best jewellery to take on holiday

  • Explore some of the best UK jewellery design

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"This book is stunning! Full of fabulous advice. A must for every design-conscious woman" - Amanda-Jane Sadler


"I learned so much" - Victoria Leung