Resin Jewellery Making Workshop


Resin is an exciting way to add colour and vibrance  to your designs without the use of expensive equipment such as the kilns you would use in enamel work.  The range of effects possible using resin are stunning and extensive. You will be amazed by the various different techniques for adding colour to the resin and the fabulous effects you can create  with colour only. You will also learn how to incorporate photographs, leaves, flowers, feathers and other small objects into the resin. Beautiful jewellery can be created from resin using silicone moulds or poring the resin directly into solid back or open bezels. Up to 5 base metal bezels are provided for you to use on the course. You can also have a go at making your own bespoke bezel(s) for your resin work in sterling silver.

The duration of the course is a minimum of one and half days. Only small pieces of resin for jewellery can be made on these days and there will only likely be time for you make one bespoke silver piece of jewellery finding to use with your resin. Ideally there will be a day or two between each workshop day to allow the resin to cure before finishing the jewellery.

Courses of two or three days are also available.

The full two day course will give you time to learn all the resin techniques and make several silver findings to finish your work.

The three day course will give you a full day just to design and make beautiful silver jewellery to which your resin creations can be added. Larger pieces of jewellery, requiring bigger pieces of resin &/or more silver work can be made on this course.

The one and half day course include 50g of resin and up to 5g silver in with the price of the course. The two day course includes 50g resin and 10g of silver. The three day course includes 100g resin and 15g silver. Resin and silver used over these amounts is chargeable.

The courses can be taken on Saturdays , but additional charges will be incurred. Please email to discuss your requirements.

A light, homemade lunch will be provided . Refreshments will be taken, as needed throughout the day. Food allergies, intolerances and preferences will be discussed and accommodated prior to the experience day.

Terms and Conditions

  • Jewellery Making Day  Experiences are limited to a maximum of 4 days per month. During busy ties of the year it will not be possible to book an Experience Day.
  • Workshop days can be booked for up to one year in advance. 
  • Once purchased the workshop experience day voucher is valid for one year.
  • The content of the workshop must be agreed with the tutor one week prior to the day of the experience. 
  • Additional costs maybe incurred if your chosen project requires more than the allocated amount of materials.
  • The number of items which can be made in the day will depend on the project chosen and the ability of the participant.
  •  The price for the experience is per person.
  • Any dietary allergies, intolerances or strong preferences must be advised one week before the Jewellery Experience day is to take place.